I'm photographer dealing with nearly all genres of commercial photography. I prefer to work with commercial still life, and other sorts of add studio picturing, but I don't avoid fashion photo, portraits and reportage.

I am a qualified graphic designer as well. In this area I specialize in printing and electronic design, and in graphics for two-dimensional metal processing - f.i. the manufacture of brandshields, and other symbols through laser engraving, laser and
plasma cutting.

In this capacity, I'm experienced not only in all the graphic designer's tools, but also in CAD/CAM applications.
I'm extremely professional, equipped, and mobile.

Skills and abilities: responsible, creative and inventive mind;studying capability; good functioning under stress; good
communication skills; excellent computer competence (Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Adobe In Design, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Fusion, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe XD).
Thank you!
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