Wall of Tears. Panoramic view onto Western Wall of Jerusalem Temple and the dome of mosque Al Aqsa. The center of world's spiritual culture and the root of all modern cultural and political conflicts

Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God on the Nerl. An absolute masterpiece of Russian architecture is the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl. A rare monument of architecture of the pre-Mongolian period. The church is filmed at sunset in the summer. Quite an unusual shot, usually it's prefered to shoot it in spring or autumn - on "high water", and from another facade. This picture is not so spectacular, but good light and the shape of the clouds, as well as the nice summer greens in front,  justify such photographer's decision, and the picture turns out to be quite non-standard.

Ancient Russian Church shot in summer day, Suzdal. View of the Alexander Monastery and Spaso-Efimiev Monastery from the bridge over the river Kamenka in Suzdal.

Panoramic view of the Negev desert hills near the Gaza Strip boundary at sunset. Impressive example of transformation desert into savanna in Southern Israel. The wheat spikes on the foreground are just weeds

Morning veiw on a chanell in Castello, Venice. 

Not a couple. Allegoric image of impossible, might-have-been relations.

Panoramic veiw of single cycling road at sunrise in the Negev hills near the Gaza border. High resolution panorama taken in the spring season

Night view of  "American bridges" - railroad bridge system in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Palace Square view with the sculpture Atlas's foot on the foreground and Saint Isaac's Cathedral on the background.  The most spectacular view of St. Petersburg - the capital of Rissian Enpire.

Panoramic views of the crater Ramon from Mitzpe Ramon. Somewhere in these places the biblical forefathers roamed. The world's largest erosion crater

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