Small local sushi kitchen. Low budjet style decision
Since I am more of a photographer than a designer, most of my projects start with a photo
The first approach to the theme)
After the project had started we understanded it's necessary to kill the shrimp. Of course, these sushi are not kosher, but not every client is concerned about the seal of the kosher controller. It is enough for many that sushi does not contain ingredients prohibited by kashrut.
The next step is the menu. This was my first attempt at creating a multi-page issue in Hebrew, and it was actually a challenge)
Then my client needs flyers for online Facebook ads. I did it, but it's a bit of a trade-off here as I had very little time.
And the crown of the project is flyers for print. On the left is my version, and on the right is the one that was printed. And I don't like it.

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