A small project for a tour operator. The company has nothing resembling a corporate identity - no logo, just nothing. In such cases, I start with a simple sketch, from which then I make a logo and visuals for promotional products. Company name: AFTER THE WIND AROUND ISRAEL.
The girl-owner of the business is betting on a personal brand. Therefore, important elements for her were a female figure and an old Arabic coffee pot. This coffee pot is a play accessory which she builds her walks around.
I tried to disown the last one, since the coffee pot is poorly associated with tourist services, rather with a cafe or hotel, but the client insisted.
So here are my scetches.
No. 1 - The girl on the airplane carpet (the idea of the customer), was rejected due to insufficient resemblance to the customer, and all that.
No. 2 - An antique-looking sailboat with Israeli symbols and attributes of the "holy land" (David's Tower, for example, if someone hasn't recognise), was rejected, apparently due to the lack of girls and coffee pots, although Israel and the wind are present.
No. 3 - The last drawing is generally made according to the sketch of the customer. Thedidn't like it either. On this I've said that those who do not have money and do not have a ready-made identity cannot afford to be picky.
In any case, I would not have been able to make a logo from these pictures. The logo is a hieroglyph, a rather abstract sign, at the same time recognizable and easily reproduced in small forms. And these scrawls I'll sell at stocks))

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